Guide to Latest Anti-Virus

Your guide to the latest in the security software industry

41.jpgThe best anti-virus software today come with essentially multiple virus scanning options. This allows users to create schedules for scanning. Users also benefit from advanced scanning options that provide them the access to various location-specific scans and real-time scanning which enable computers to automatically scan for viruses every few minutes to stop viruses from causing damage almost all the time. Complete and optimal system protection is obtained from anti-virus programs that are updated regularly. This is the answer to the fact that viruses are actively being created everyday, or worse, every minute. Over-all, the best thing that an anti-virus software can provide to its users is the peace of mind.

Over the years, computer viruses have evolved a great deal. Back in the 60’s, some programmers developed a game that can replicate every time it as run. It can even drain another computer’s memory. This game was called the Core Wars. To remedy what this game can do, those who created this game developed an application that could destroy copies replicated by the Core Wars. The application was named Reeper and came to be known as the first virus in the history. Also in that decade, the MS-DOS is fast becoming the top operating system worldwide. But young as it is, the the system was not developed as it is known today, that is so it was an easy target for virus then. That started the births of different viruses.


With the existence of different Anti virus in the market, it sure is hard to choose the one that will fit your needs. AVG is a well known brand of anti virus and internet security. It has a clientele base of 128 million active users and has been given top ratings several times.  It is trusted by many and now, they have released their newest software. AVG Antivirus 2013.

Their latest edition for 2013 is very different than what their users are expecting. It has been made over and revamped! It is perfect for Windows 8. The installation will last for 5 minutes then it’s ready to use. The downside is force-shutting your browser without warning during installation. Another con is that many threats still require manual cleanup. Overall, AVG Anti-Virus FREE 2013 offers protection that can beat any top commercial products. If you need free antivirus protection this is a great choice. Try it out and be the judge.




5.gifIt is not easy to tell if some virus has already gone its way to your computer. That’s why we strongly recommend that you install anti-virus software, or much better if you install more than one of it. The following are the common symptoms of a viral infection on your PC, although there are times that the following are not caused by a virus:
Your PC is running slower than usual. This can be due to too many processes and programs running at the same time or a problem with your network, but can also be caused by a virus infection.
Certain files or programs can not be opened. It is possible that a virus has erased parts of the files or programs that are necessary for the file to open or for the program to run.


Microsoft failed the antivirus tests from a well known testing firm and now they are vowing to improve their product and its performance. Receiving a failing mark is not exactly what we expected from Microsoft, since for a long time they have been known to deliver good service.  Andreas Marx, CEO of AV Test security institute based in Germany said
“It’s a bit unusual, Microsoft failed gaining our certification for the tests and this means from our point of view that the protection offered by the product got lower results.”

Microsoft’s Endpoint protection and Security Essentials suite for personal computer users failed to detect 28 of the zero-day malware samples it was tested against. It was only able to detect 78% of the malicious files. This is clearly not acceptable to any user since this product should be able to protect them from ALL kinds of harm that would be caused to computers.

internetsafety2Most security software makers offer their products in bundles while some allow purchase of separate components allowing customized protection from deemed threats. Though most of them offer free access to their trial software, you may become too complacent with them without knowing they might need constant updates which may only be automatic for paid subscriptions. Though automatic updates are a common feature, it helps to do manual updates form time to time to get more of the trial period while you evaluate products.

31.jpgThe next criteria is the effectiveness in determining viruses and worms. A top notch anti-virus program should be able to quickly identify traces of worms and viruses by the use of real-time system scanning. Another criteria would be the capability of an anti-virus program to actively notify users regarding the latest system threats. Scan results should also be easy to read and understand. An effective anti-virus program should also be well-rounded by offering a set of essential features that provides complete and absolute system protection. The last criteria deals with the help documentation. An anti-virus software that can be considered as high-end should have a wide list of help topics. It should also provide support through email and real-time chat or through a telephone line. FAQ’s should cover a wide array of details and issues regarding the anti-virus software.

Here is a different type of anti-virus protection compared to the traditional big names we have today. Rather than relying on daily updates, this software thrives on monitoring behavioral changes of your computer, something that leads to potential threats as far as you computer safety is concerned.

Through its behavioral analysis feature, it can help advise you on certain processes that your computer normally has and abnormally gets which can readily alarm you of the need to address the problem. A good aid for other anti-virus programs which cannot seem to determine erratic system behaviors.

You can download this here.


2.JPGThe manufacturers of anti-virus industry are divided into three groups: the industry leaders, the second-tier companies, the others who have no significant effect on the anti-virus market.

One of the world’s leaders is Trend Micro, which dominates the stock market of Japan. The company was originally based in Taiwan until it penetrated the Japanese market. Now the Trend Micro headquarter can be found in the United States.

Trend Micro produces various lines of products and solutions that will protect computers, servers and mobiles. Although the company products and solutions are proprietary, Trend Micro also has a variety of free tools and services.

Live One Care, an anti-virus software owned by Microsoft, recently failed to protect Vista users from viruses. Vista is the newest operating system released by Microsoft. A group of researchers who are based in Oxfordshire, U. K. tested some anti virus software packages. These packages which were actually designed for Vista were released to businesses some two months ago to see if they could stop a set of viruses recently available. Out of the 15 anti virus softwares tested, four products failed to conform. Live One Care included. The other three are McAfee VirusScan Enterprise version 8.1i; Norman VirusControl v5.90 and G DATA AntiVirusKit 2007 v17.0.6353.