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F-Secure Internet 2008

Most people with computers these days are always on the lookout for a complete package to cover spywares and viruses. While a lot of companies have released their own versions, focus will certainly be on the F-Secure Internet 2008 software release which has been hyped to cover all known malicious behavior solicited from the web today.

While some may consider the F-Secure Internet 2008 software as similar to other anti-virus software we hear of today, it remains that this latest release covers even mobile computers and boasts of its DeepGuard technology to get rid of those malicious viruses hanging around there.

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TwitterAttackThe ever present Ruby-based micro-blogging platform, Twitter has again been subject to attack by malware and is so far determined to have affected 20,000 sites. The company has blocked access to infected accounts and are doing their best to restore service after they have been notified of the seemingly innocent link called the “Best Video” link. The link re-directed people to malware downloading sites that had an infected PDF file releasing several exploits thus making the system vulnerable to attack. (more…)

Phishing mails, the need for an ulterior screening service to help make sure that we don’t even get the change to see these waste of time emails has become a need.

There are software available to help combat spam mail. Mailwasher Pro is one of these said software and allows users to preview the message even before it touches base with the email account box. With this option alone, you are not only saving space but also time when it comes to reading your individual emails and best of all, you can be assured that you don’t even get to the point of opening attachments or clicking on links that have been sent to you unsolicited.


Mozilla is known is known for their Firefox browser’s ability to install different patches, language supports, skins, add-ons and the like. However, users of Firefox with the Vietnamese language support has complained that they have received unusual and unnecessary ads through pop-ups. Mozilla was quick to warn that this is not a result of a virus or a back door hack, but their program itself has coding problems. They said that those who have download the Vietnamese language pack since February 18 is surely infected by it. They are not currently working with a new Vietnamese pack and it will be available some time soon. Mozilla has advised everyone who has this pack to disable first the language in their add-on tools.

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31.jpgThe next criteria is the effectiveness in determining viruses and worms. A top notch anti-virus program should be able to quickly identify traces of worms and viruses by the use of real-time system scanning. Another criteria would be the capability of an anti-virus program to actively notify users regarding the latest system threats. Scan results should also be easy to read and understand. An effective anti-virus program should also be well-rounded by offering a set of essential features that provides complete and absolute system protection. The last criteria deals with the help documentation. An anti-virus software that can be considered as high-end should have a wide list of help topics. It should also provide support through email and real-time chat or through a telephone line. FAQ’s should cover a wide array of details and issues regarding the anti-virus software.


Panda Security, the computer security company known for their production of antivirus software has come up with their latest product; The Panda Cloud Antivirus Free Edition 2.1.1 and it is out now. Panda Cloud Antivirus is perfect for your computer since it will protect you while you browse the internet, or play and work. Version 2.1.1 has a lot of different features. It is an upgrade from version 2.1 that has a new cloud- based disinfection engine, new behavioral analysis, improved offline protection, improved performance with 50% faster scans, new interface etc. It is also compatible with Windows 8. There are so much more improvements on this latest version and the latest reviews from people who has tried it have been well. Seth Rosenblath from said “Panda Cloud Antivirus Free 2.0 gets impressive marks for its detection rates, making it a solid dark-horse candidate even though it could be lighter on system impact. However, it still lacks some of the features in other free security suites.” If you’re looking to try a new antivirus program, then this is the way to go. It’s effective and free!

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Thers a new anti virus software worth trying. Avira AntiVir Personal – Free Antivirus is a thorough, very convenient antivirus program. The software is designed to offer the most reliable virus protection, Free of Charge for use at home. Avira offers a comprehensive malware recognition of viruses, trojans, backdoor programs and worms that wreak havoc in the entire internet system. It provides the user with automatic updates in increments, of anti virus signs, engines and full softwares. It offers permanent virus protection with its feature, Virus Guard. It monitors your system in real time. It is very easy to use, With just a click of a button it installs and configures according to the system specs. Virus protection whether known or yet unknown threats because it uses advance heuristic system. You can set the scanner to allow virus scans automatically and update itself with the Scheduler. It has a web site where you can research about the type of virus or infection that has installed in your system with the Knowledge Base. It also has Rootkit Detection and Removal. This is definitely one software you should not miss out in trying.

As much as antivirus-companies are concerned, they are doing their best to ensure that users are safe and secure against viruses. However according to a report coming from Trend Micro, Inc. a lot of fault lies not on their programs but in the users themselves:

From Jan. 1 to Nov. 25, the top 100 attack programs infected 53% of their victims by duping them into downloading something from the Internet. An additional 12% of the infections tracked globally were caused by users opening e-mail attachments.

Just 5% of the infections were related to an exploit of a software vulnerability, said Trend’s analysis.

“That’s something we can’t engineer against,” said Ferguson. It’s also is why Trend Micro and other security vendors have stepped away from a pure anti-virus detection and deletion model, and instead have been bringing in other protective features, such as domain reputation ranking and URL filtering, to their products.

Educate and be vigilant regarding malicious websites and downloads, if you do, you’ll be a whole lot safer.


A hacker’s ring that has reportedly stolen close to $74 million has been stopped by the US’s FBI. The group used malware in the form of security software/updates that were totally useless except for obtaining personal and banking information from computers which was then used for identity fraud and many other uses.

From false advertising to pure and simple malware propagation, the perpetrators were arrested and are now under process of being charged for computer fraud and many other crimes related to the case. The amount is a mere reflection of the amount of losses businesses and private individuals get from malware which shows no sign of slowing down. As one ring is closed another takes it’s place, in the never ending battle against cyber-rime and the people behind them.

Before you start shelling out hard-earned cash on buying an anti-virus, we suggest trying out free anti-virus programs first, like Avira Anti-Vir or AVG Anti-Virus. Free anti-virus programs are recommended for casual users who don’t upload or download a lot of data.

Of course, anti-virus programs you pay for still offer a lot more protection, but sometimes you can do with just the bare minimum, especially if you don’t do a lot of file transfers.

Besides the programs mentioned above, you can always search for the best free anti-virus programs on the internet, and read reviews on the performance of each. There are also online virus scanners that you can go to, which can scan your computer without you needing to download a file or pay a cent. Of course, this will entail a faster internet connection for it to perform a faster scan.

Avira AntiVir, one of the free anti-virus programs out there

Avira AntiVir, one of the free anti-virus programs out there