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Antivirus For Smartphone

There are so many people around the world who now relies on their smartphones only to use the internet. In fact, 55 percent of cellphone owners use it for internet. It is not surprising that just this year there were 14,923 smartphone malware programs that were detected. Once your phone is infected, your phone will not be functioning well. Trojan, a type of virus, sends will automatically send SMS to premium numbers. Another type would send information from the phone to spyware developers. This is very dangerous and I am sure you would not want any personal info to be spreading around in the interweb.

That being said, if you have a smartphone and use it for internet surfing purposes then getting an antivirus app on your phone is just wise. Most of these applications are free and quick to install. It is worth installing. Some of the most used antivirus are Kaspersky, Avast and Dr.Web.

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