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Android Antivirus Useless?


A study that was done recently in the Northwestern University has shown that ten of the most popular antivirus for Android can easily be evaded by actual viruses with the right techniques. This is a disappointing news because some of these antivirus programs are even paid for.

The researchers have tested 10 of the most popular antivirus products by Android and it did not stop even the trivial transformation attacks not involving code-level changes. You know what this means? This means that a teenager with minimal knowledge on virus can easily infuse it to an Android phone.

So are these programs useless?

Yes and No. To some degree, it still prevents virus from invading Android but there are still so many glitches. Millions of people have downloaded antiviral programs and millions can have virus attacks. The makers of Android have yet to address this issue and provide a solution to this problem.


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